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" is my responsibility to help my people by painting an image of hope for Africa on every stage I set foot on, in the words of every song I write, and in the hearts of everyone I meet."


—  Gotaflika


Gotaflika [goat-uh-flick-uh]

A woman in Ghana, Africa gave birth to her seventh child and made the hardest choice she was ever faced with. She decided to leave her children and all of her family to pursue education and a career path that would be for the betterment of her family in the United States. She had to make an incredible journey that took an immense amount faith and courage. This hope had to have been something so real that it would cause her to leave everything she knew behind.

A young African boy was shaped by his mother's determined journey even as he was sent to live in the village with his grandparents to help tend to his brothers and sisters.

"Even though I missed my mother so badly, every morning I found myself waking up singing the songs the women in the village sang the night before. Music had become my savior and I knew then, as I know now, I would always dedicate my life to it."

This young boy began a journey that was as organic as it could be. The music in his heart pounding against his chest undoubtedly caused him to sing out and invite others to enjoy his love for music with him. As he sang, others noticed his talent and word began to spread. Gotaflika, which literally means 'Go-To-Africa', received invitations to perform. The performances started with just a handful of people that grew into large crowds and eventually entire villages. A large African following had been created seemingly out of nowhere. But he knew. He knew this dream had been alive within for a long time.

"I loved bringing all that happiness to everyone I touch with music."

Gotaflika chose his stage name because it represents a migrant African. Gotaflika himself represents thousands upon thousands of stories of hardship and the journey for something more. Gotaflika is a symbol of hope.

"Every time I say (Gotaflika) or hear it, it reminds me that no matter how well-known I become, it is my responsibility to help my people by painting an image of hope for Africa on every stage I set foot on, in the words of every song I write, and in the hearts of everyone I meet."


Gotaflika is a long way from Africa. He was blessed with an opportunity to go to the United States (where he now lives) to finish high school. Upon completing high school, Gotaflika joined the U.S. Navy to serve a country he felt indebted to for the opportunity--where he is finishing up serving as active duty.

Culture shock was Gotaflika's welcoming gift to America. For one who grew up without electricity and running water until he was ten years old, it definitely took effort to adjust. He keeps one eye on his proverbial rear-view mirror to abstain from forgetting where he came from and to keep from forgetting his people.

"As I continue my journey, it brings me immense pride and honor to know I have the support of my people."

Gotaflika is actively in the grind. His head is up and his heart is full. He can be found performing throughout the Greater Los Angeles area and is open to book elsewhere. His next single "Nonstop" is gaining some buzz on social media! Nonstop will be released on September 20, 2019. His next full-length album is projected to be released this November.

"From Africa to LA" is his latest E.P. release that has garnered much attention and positive praise.  An acoustic-reggae cover song of the hit "Sunflower (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse)" is also included on this album while the video for the live-recording  is available on YouTube. In addition to performing  with DEV (famous for 'Like a G6' and 'Bass Down Low') at the Rose in Pasadena, CA,  he's been invited for interviews on radio stations such as iHeart Radio and LA Talk Radio. The amount of growth and buzz around this special artist since his E.P. release has been astounding. In addition to the social trajectory of Gotaflika's popularity, he has also climbed the charts to #1 for Reggae artists in the music mecca of Los Angeles and #18 in the World. Also, Gotaflika recently made the Top 40 list for all genres of  Los Angeles.** Gotaflika is the melting genres of pop, reggae, afrobeat, and more that perfectly compliments the listeners of today. 

Another milestone was completed when Gotaflika's music video for the single from his latest E.P. was also featured on VH1 in January of 2019.  The hit single that is titled 'Another Day, Another Dollar' is emblematic of his journey and the  journey that so many people can identify with. The videos featuring Gotaflika's music have gained over 1 million views throughout social media.**

Gotaflika's influences include Sean Paul, Lucky Dube, Alpha Blonde, Shaggy, and Enigma. 

Gotaflika is looking forward to collaborations, exclusive performances, and releasing his full-length album in 2019. His  music is available for streaming, downloading, and purchasing everywhere.

*Charts by Reverbnation

**Stats of Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook combined.

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